Proud Aboriginal Civil
Contracting Company

People & Culture

Maramara actively recruits, develops and retains Aboriginal talent. successfully providing Indigenous sub-contract solutions for projects across the Pilbara for more than seven years. Our focus on development sees us assess each individual to determine what they’d like to achieve, Providing growth opportunities for all. Our long-term goal is to increase participation to remain ahead of the norm.

Aboriginal staff reading about maramara

Our People

Garry Jaffrey


Garry is the company’s spiritual leader, our driving vision for creating lasting employment and community. Garry is responsible for overseeing operations and the company’s strategic direction. Garry brings a wealth of knowledge to the company with more than 25-years of mining experience, placing him as a well-respected mentor among employees. He is a respected leader among First Nation-led businesses and peoples in the state due to his close ties to many Pilbara Aboriginal families and his advocacy for community advancements.

Michael Still

General Manager

Kiran Hudson

Commercial Manager

Wes Clack

Senior Project Manager


Safety is a core focus at Maramara. We have stringent protocols to support our work safe, home safe mantra so that every team member gets home safe at the end of the day. It’s up to every individual to follow these practices to keep an injury-free work environment and our zero LTI record.


Maramara also has a strong emphasis on quality. Critical to our effective delivery is developing a Quality Management Plan unique to each project. The Plan outlines the quality assurance measures to be adopted by the crew working on the project.


The connection between people and land is fundamental to Indigenous culture, so it’s unsurprising we have an environmental management system. Certification means we have effective practices for respecting the environment.

ISO Approved

To ensure that our project delivery exceeds customer expectations, we have established high standards to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of products, services and systems. Our standards are backed by ISO certification, making us one in a small group of certified Indigenous civil contracting companies.

Supply Nation Registered

Maramara is committed to the advancement of Indigenous people across Western Australia and beyond. We are members of Supply Nation, the only organisation that recognises two levels of indigenous ownership. Maramara actively recruits, develops and retains Aboriginal talent and has successfully provided Indigenous sub-contract solutions for projects across the Pilbara for more than seven years.